What is Metalpay? Is it worth it?

MetalPay (MTL) is one more decentralized agent for payment processing. It is a mobile-based platform focusing on adoption of wide range of cyrptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Metal’s team has developed a proprietary patent pending system, which allows users to pay no to minimal transfer fees. Since, the team wants to focus on specific industry’s as point to start this is gonna attract huge interest by the users.

Go Viral Point — The users both the merchants and customers will get rewarding in MTL Tokens on making transfers. Hence, a decentralized systems which pays you for making payments will engage more users. Also, once both the parties — merchants and customers will have MTL tokens in terms of a “cashback”. This will further promote more payments in MTL or cryptos.

Key Features — The key features of metal system includes full featured banking and crypto system with US-based FDIC insured accounts, allows users to link debit cards/credit cards to invest in cryptos and to send money and it hooks digital currency to fiat values to neutralize fiat currency fluctuations. Finally, the important and obvious one — it’s user-friendly!

How secure is it? — Metal uses KYC identification and payments platform, which is centralized. This acts as a strong system for creating unique user identifications. For identification purposes, the system will require your social security number or passport ID and your photograph. Metal has proprietary anti-money-laundering (AML) and anti-fraud technology, which helps take precautions to protects its customers



cryptotraderMetalpay CEO Marshall Hayner appeared on the Crypto Trader show of CNBC Africa 


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