Traxia got listed on Kucoin Exchange


About Traxia

Traxia is a blockchain based project that aims to establish an open and decentralized ecosystem to improve trade finance globally. It merges blockchain, and an open connected IT architecture to develop a new ecosystem for trade finance. It enables businesses to build smart contracts automatically and a self-executing digital contract that triggers payments and receipts in real time as goods move through the supply chain.


What is Trade Finance?

Global and local banks support international trade through a wide range of
products that help their customers manage their international payments and associated
risks, and provide needed working capital. The term “trade finance” is generally reserved for bank products that are specifically linked to underlying international trade
transactions (exports or imports). As such, a working capital loan not specifically tied to
trade is generally not included in this definition. Trade finance products typically carry
short-term maturities which reflect the typical shipping times and payment terms of 30,
60 or 90 days or more.

Traxia membership token (TMT) sale

In order to support the initial operation and development of the Traxia platform, the company will be extending the sale of TMT tokens. The supply of TMT is limited to a maximum of one billion (1,000,000,000) tokens in whole, including those accessible for sale throughout the Token Sale. The tokens will be produced upon the token launch and will be disseminated in the following manner: 70% of the tokens will be ultimately designated amongst the community. Issued in the following order 30% + 30% + 5% + 5% 20% will be allocated to the foundation creation, development team, early backers. 10% will be allocated to the treasury with the purpose of giving TMT Liquidity if required as well as being a contingency fund.





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