Top Altcoin for the New Year 2018: #First Post

Both November and December 2017 has been great months for the global Crypto ecosystem. The total market capitalization grew from $182 billion on November 1 to $585 billion till Dec 18, more than 3x increase. The market is expected to cross $650 billion in short run.

December has been the month of altcoins rather than Bitcoin. The bitcoin monster rallies of this year were challenged by Ethereum, Ripple and Altcoins. Bitcoin Cash and Ripple grew by more than 300% in December beating their initial predictions for this year.. Bitcoin a.k.a Digital Gold will gradually lose its lustre, however this is still a long way to go. Monero was rated as the Crusher of the Month (Dec 17) by Cryptocrush.

Based on my research, I am writing this post on Top Altcoin for this New Year.



Nxt is an advanced open source blockchain platform that builds on the functionality of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The Nxt platform includes many core-level features, such as a Decentralized Asset Exchange, Marketplace, and Voting system, all in additional to the NXT digital currency itself. In short, the Nxt network can be used to trade anything. Tokens can be used in many other ways than purely trading.

What is Ardor Platform?

Ardor Platform provides Blockchain-as-a-Service. The platform improves blockchain performance by reducing bloat and solving the blockchain scalability problem.

Ardor is an evolution of NXT blockchain. Nxt is an advanced open source application platform which expands the things you can do with a blockchain. Ardor builds on the proven technology of NXT and adds new features like pruning and childchain creation. NXT Tokens can be used by projects either as Assets or more complex Monetary System currencies.

IGNIS is the first childchain on Ardor and will be available on the official launch of Ardor. IGNIS Tokens will be used for its operations.


IGNIS and ARDR coins will be distributed to qualifying user accounts in the Ardor Genesis Block. There will be a one-time snapshot of the Nxt blockchain (the “Ardor Genesis Snapshot“.) The Snapshot is planned for Nxt block height 1630000 and expected to occur around Dec 25th, 2017.

The snapshot will determine NXT account balances and half of all IGNIS coins will be distributed automatically at 1 NXT = 0.5 IGNIS ratio.

Project Development and Release Timeline

December 4, 2017 Ardor Snapshot Announcement

 The date of the Ardor Snapshot will be December 28

Last Week of December 2017 NXT Hardfork

Hardfork, freeze trading of ARDR asset and other assets included in the Ardor Genesis Snapshot

December 28, 2017 Ardor Genesis Snapshot / Ignis

Approximately half of total IGNIS coins are distributed automatically to NXT holders based on their account balances. One IGNIS will be given for every two NXT held in a wallet. Do not keep NXT on exchanges, instead transfer them to private wallet

December 28-30, 2017 Ardor Software Release

Ardor generally available software release

January 01, 2018 Ardor blockchain becomes fully operational

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