Top Altcoin for Long-Term hold in 2018: #FirstPost

Ethos Token – The People-Powered Cryptocurrency Platform

Ethos token is listed on Binance (BQX), HitBTC (BQX), CoinExchange(ETHOS), Etherdelta (BQX), Livecoin (ETHOS).

What is Ethos Platform?

Ethos platform provides a universal wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and an investment platform. As per their whitepaper, Ethos’s Mission is to make the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to the average user, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets. The platform has three main components-

  • Ethos Universal Wallet – Decentralized wallet management system allowing for the easy transfer of value anywhere and links seamlessly with the fiat and diversification layer
  • Fiat and Diversification – This includes a unique legal structure with fiat gateaway diversification system
  • Social and Community – The community would connect novices & experts and reward those who help to educate others

Forbes on Ethos

Ethos is pioneering a ‘mobile-first’ approach that will…create a bridge between the past and future of finance.

– Roger Aitken

In the last two days, i.e., Jan 1 & Jan 2, Ethos token has already jumped around 50% and touched $4.31. Hence, this week could be a good time to buy in dips.


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