Indonesia Bans Bitcoin

Indonesia’s central bank has banned digital currencies as payment method. In February 2014, the country decided to ban the use of digital currency. A press statement at that time read: “Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are neither currency nor legal payment tools in Indonesia. People are advised to be careful about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies”. […]

Steemit Update: SteemFest in Early November

SteemFest 2017 – Lisbon Portugal   Date: November 1/2/3/4/5, 2017 Day 1  – Hackathon & Arrival SteemFest 24 hour blockchain hackathon starts. Build great apps for Steem, Golos, Bitshares, Peerplays, Ethereum or any other chain and present at the SteemFest crowd & jury Day 2 & 3 – Talks, Panels, Workshops and Fun Conference – Snooker […]

Metalpay Update: Two Key Events in 1 month

Metalpay (MTL) has two key events coming in next 1 month First Event: Updation of closed alpha platform Date: 30 October, 2017 MTL is updating it’s closed alpha platform which will include the following changes: (Discussed in earlier post) FEATURE: Added Ledger hardware wallet support FEATURE: Added single-key wallet support for Bitcoin FEATURE: Show QR […]

Is a billion dollar investment  expected in November?

Though expected, but still surprising events took place over the last one day. A new cryptocurrency created because of hard fork of bitcoin blockchain didn’t do that well in the investment market. World’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex, officially denied to integrate Bitcoin Gold trading due to its lack of code testing, auditing and replay […]

Australia Officially accepts Cryptocurrencies, Amends Taxation

Australian government has passed a new legislation on double taxation of cryptocurrencies-first when buying it, then later when buying items subject to the tax and finally bringing it to an end. After the new law, Australians will not give Goods & Services Tax on purchase of cryptocurrencies. The Australian Senate Economics References Committee proposed a […]

Fundamental Analysis: Is Airswap (AST) doing anything different?

Airswap (AST) is a token exchange platform primarily focused on trading of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Since the digital assets on Ethereum has increased exponentially in last one and half year, the team is aggressive about the use of blockchain based exchanges as the token trading will eventually increase. The team introduced Swap […]

Can cryptos be the next national currency?

Zimbabwe’s economic disturbance has striked panic in the country, where social media stints, indicating the economic pressure zone bursting into a crisis, have sparked market panic and tested the resilience of the economy. Zimbabwe locals are buying Bitcoins to resist the economic turmoil. Bitcoin is being traded at $10,000 a unit as compared with its […]

Review: Is Metalpay (MTL) a long-term road runner?

Metalpay (MTL) is a banking solution decentralizing the peer-to-peer payment space like Omisego (OMG). Both are based on Ethereum Blockchain. MTL is an ERC20 token smart contract and is using the Proof-of-Processed Payment (PoPP) rewards system. MTL poses the potential to revolutionize the digital payments for users. The company aims at simplifying the use of cryptocurrency and […]

What is Metalpay? Is it worth it?

MetalPay (MTL) is one more decentralized agent for payment processing. It is a mobile-based platform focusing on adoption of wide range of cyrptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Metal’s team has developed a proprietary patent pending system, which allows users to pay no to minimal transfer fees. Since, the team wants to focus on specific industry’s […]