Metalpay Update: Two Key Events in 1 month

Metalpay (MTL) has two key events coming in next 1 month

First Event: Updation of closed alpha platform

Date: 30 October, 2017

MTL is updating it’s closed alpha platform which will include the following changes: (Discussed in earlier post)

  • FEATURE: Added Ledger hardware wallet support
  • FEATURE: Added single-key wallet support for Bitcoin
  • FEATURE: Show QR code of all receiving addresses
  • FEATURE: Only show tokens with balances checkbox
  • FIX: Long wallet names messing up card layout
  • FIX: Input validation for MFA configuration
  • FIX: Sending negative wallet amount not being rejected soon enough
  • FIX: More descriptive error message when typing in wrong password while creating wallet
  • FIX: Responsive view of freeze wallet screen

Second Event: Launch of Mobile Platform

Date: After the bitcoin hard fork, prospective mid november


Please note the information has been collected from social twitter handle of Marshall Hayner. Hence, any other confirmed source is not available so far regarding dates


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