ICO Review: Experty going for a long-run on Blockchain


Experty provides the blockchain based platform to connect the experts with the knowledge seeker. The platform is using Ethereum smart contract coupled with off-chain software. Since the platform is developed by a consulting team, they have focused on the key issues faced by the companies in current environment. Key areas explored in this project include first, post consulting billing system, second, resolution of payment frictions because of high regulated environment & other and third, charge and final cost confusion. One can read the whitepaper here

The expert can fix the per minute charge rate for the call and the payment would be made in Experty Tokens – EXY

Experty has been rated as TOP10 ICOs to watch in 2018 by Inc Magazine. The team has already secured $700k in seed funding.

Experty has a big team and list of advisors with natives of Europe, Korea and USA. The names I found interesting, considering the other ICOs jumping in the current market, would include Criag Seller, Ex-CTO Bitfinex, CTO of Tether & BLOCKv; Pawel Bylica, Ethereum, Golem, Software Architect; Moe Levin, Founder of Blockchain Forum and Simon Cocking, Influencer, Irish Tech News.

Since consulting is majorly a networking business, where one needs to be deep rooted for business relations and also, identifying the right gaps to build its own place. So, the team looks quite strong, where the key people are not localised to one region and also, they understand the consulting business well and hitting at the right place


The Experty Tokens (EXY) are available through their ICO till Jan, 15 2018. The company is currently offering a bonus of 60% additional tokens.

The soft cap is 2000 ETH. Ether will be refunded if the soft cap is not reached.


The team is actively working on building its customer base. The key one’s mentioned on their website include-

  • SZCZEPAN BENTYN – Popular Polish Community
  • NICOLAI OSTER – Head of ICOs @ Bitcoin Suisse
  • MOE LEVIN – Founder of Blockchain Forum
  • BITCOIN SUISSE – Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets
  • MINDSPORTS – Decentralized social gaming network
  • THOMAS LINDER – MME, Legal and Tax advisory

The team has aggressive plans for 2018 and project would be live by 2019.

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