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Top Altcoin for Jan 2018: #SecondPost

Power Ledger Tokens (POWR) is available on Bittrex (POWR), Binance (POWR), Huobi (POWR), Kucoin (POWR), Cryptopia (POWR), Gate.io (POWR), Etherdelta (POWR) and TDAX (POWR). What is Power Ledger Platform? Power Ledger is a distributed, interoperable and energy trading platform that supports an extensive & expanding suite of energy applications and exchangeable energy trading token – […]

Top Altcoin for Jan 2018: #FirstPost

Sia Coin Sia Coin is available on Bittrex (SC), Poloniex (SC), HitBtc (SC), Abucoins (SC), Bisq (SC), Bitholic (SC). You can also read Top Altcoin for Long-Term hold in 2018: #FirstPost What is Sia Project? Sia uses blockchain technology to enable distributed network to reach consensus in a secure and trustless way.  It allows individuals […]

November 12 – Second NEO JOY   November 16 – NEO dApps Competition   November 18 – NEO/China Open Source   November 26 – dApps Winner Announced   December 4 – Da Hongfei (founder) to speak at Blockchain World Conference   December 5 – NEO to be added at Korean exchange Coinrail   December 13 […]

Steemit Update: SteemFest in Early November

SteemFest 2017 – Lisbon Portugal   Date: November 1/2/3/4/5, 2017 Day 1  – Hackathon & Arrival SteemFest 24 hour blockchain hackathon starts. Build great apps for Steem, Golos, Bitshares, Peerplays, Ethereum or any other chain and present at the SteemFest crowd & jury Day 2 & 3 – Talks, Panels, Workshops and Fun Conference – Snooker […]

Metalpay Update: Two Key Events in 1 month

Metalpay (MTL) has two key events coming in next 1 month First Event: Updation of closed alpha platform Date: 30 October, 2017 MTL is updating it’s closed alpha platform which will include the following changes: (Discussed in earlier post) FEATURE: Added Ledger hardware wallet support FEATURE: Added single-key wallet support for Bitcoin FEATURE: Show QR […]