Belarus Legalizes Cryptocurrency Transactions, Tax Free for 5 years

The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, signed a Decree on Friday, Dec 22 which legalizes cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and smart contracts. The income generated from crypto transactions and related income, including mining, will be tax-free for next five years until January 1, 2023. President announced on Friday that the decree “On the Development […]

A lot of market speculation is going on, in search of best crypto exchanges. The market currently is in a turbulent stage where the demand is growing exponentially on weekly basis. The exchanges are either not able to handle the user load or part of some Ponzi scheme. The government authorities across many nations are […]

Top Altcoins till New Year 2018: #SecondPost

If the Bitcoin has been forking much so far, the crypto enthusiast needs to hold their breath as the currency has five more forks lined up into this New Year. Looks like the Bitcoin team is wishing Happy New Year to its believers. Major changes in the underlying protocol lead to split in the current […]

Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit Card to be available soon, a premier source for bitcoin related transactions and information, has announced the launch of Bitcoin Cash Debit Card in partnership with Visa has planned to launch Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit Card VISA, on its part, is actively involved in capturing the payment processing sector of the crypto ecosystem. Recently, VISA has partnered with […]

As per the article in Portugese publication ECO, Portugal’s Central Bank governor has stated that cryptocurrency isn’t a currency. For the governor, these changes are technological advancements, where is sees huge potential in blockchain technology  but not the cryptocurrency. A crypto-currency is not a central bank registered note and neither is controlled by any central bank. […]

Indonesia Bans Bitcoin

Indonesia’s central bank has banned digital currencies as payment method. In February 2014, the country decided to ban the use of digital currency. A press statement at that time read: “Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are neither currency nor legal payment tools in Indonesia. People are advised to be careful about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies”. […]

Australia Officially accepts Cryptocurrencies, Amends Taxation

Australian government has passed a new legislation on double taxation of cryptocurrencies-first when buying it, then later when buying items subject to the tax and finally bringing it to an end. After the new law, Australians will not give Goods & Services Tax on purchase of cryptocurrencies. The Australian Senate Economics References Committee proposed a […]

Can cryptos be the next national currency?

Zimbabwe’s economic disturbance has striked panic in the country, where social media stints, indicating the economic pressure zone bursting into a crisis, have sparked market panic and tested the resilience of the economy. Zimbabwe locals are buying Bitcoins to resist the economic turmoil. Bitcoin is being traded at $10,000 a unit as compared with its […]