Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit Card to be available soon

DQxzKOFVAAIVFKt, a premier source for bitcoin related transactions and information, has announced the launch of Bitcoin Cash Debit Card in partnership with Visa has planned to launch Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit Card

VISA, on its part, is actively involved in capturing the payment processing sector of the crypto ecosystem. Recently, VISA has partnered with other cryptocurrency payment processing firms like Lykke, Monaco and others to launch Visa Debit Card

Roger Ver, CEO of the, made the announcement on Twitter. According to Roger, Bitcoin’s development community has failed the coin due to its high transaction costs and network delays.

This is a big leap for the Bitcoin Cash community as no native cards are currently available in crypto ecosystem and would effectively influence the usability and purchase of Bitcoin Cash in near future.

As per the article on cointelegraph, Roger’s idea of a solution to Bitcoin’s supposed shortcomings is Bitcoin Cash, which has a larger block size (8MB compared to Bitcoin’s 1MB – making for a larger number of transactions to be processed within the 10-minute period it takes to process new blocks) and consequently smaller fees and faster transaction processing.

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