January 2018

Top Altcoin for Jan 2018: #SecondPost

Power Ledger Tokens (POWR) is available on Bittrex (POWR), Binance (POWR), Huobi (POWR), Kucoin (POWR), Cryptopia (POWR), Gate.io (POWR), Etherdelta (POWR) and TDAX (POWR). What is Power Ledger Platform? Power Ledger is a distributed, interoperable and energy trading platform that supports an extensive & expanding suite of energy applications and exchangeable energy trading token – […]

Top Altcoin for Jan 2018: #FirstPost

Sia Coin Sia Coin is available on Bittrex (SC), Poloniex (SC), HitBtc (SC), Abucoins (SC), Bisq (SC), Bitholic (SC). You can also read Top Altcoin for Long-Term hold in 2018: #FirstPost What is Sia Project? Sia uses blockchain technology to enable distributed network to reach consensus in a secure and trustless way.  It allows individuals […]

Ethos Token – The People-Powered Cryptocurrency Platform Ethos token is listed on Binance (BQX), HitBTC (BQX), CoinExchange(ETHOS), Etherdelta (BQX), Livecoin (ETHOS). What is Ethos Platform? Ethos platform provides a universal wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and an investment platform. As per their whitepaper, Ethos’s Mission is to make the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to […]