November 2017

Indian cryptocurrency market is expected to double by next year. Level of awareness is very low as compared other market, even Asian. The currency, majorly governed by investors in USA, Europe and Korea, slowly gaining popularity in Indian market. In 2016, 2% of the $140 billion crypto market cap was reportedly purchased by residents of India. […]

November 12 – Second NEO JOY   November 16 – NEO dApps Competition   November 18 – NEO/China Open Source   November 26 – dApps Winner Announced   December 4 – Da Hongfei (founder) to speak at Blockchain World Conference   December 5 – NEO to be added at Korean exchange Coinrail   December 13 […]

Price Analysis: Will Bitcoin Cash cross $1200?

Bitcoin Cash gave more than 2 times of return from its initial trading value of $350 – $400. The current levels of $970-$1000 is already giving me goosebumps, hope it’s same for many investors. So, Will it cross the $1200 level???….another 20% increase over the current level!!! Looking at the moving averages, the ribbon is […]

As per the article in Portugese publication ECO, Portugal’s Central Bank governor has stated that cryptocurrency isn’t a currency. For the governor, these changes are technological advancements, where is sees huge potential in blockchain technology  but not the cryptocurrency. A crypto-currency is not a central bank registered note and neither is controlled by any central bank. […]

Top Altcoins for November 2017: #SecondPost

Well, not only the Bitcoin but Bitcoin Cash is also forking this month. Developers behind the project announced the changes in software rules via a Hard Fork on November 13, 2017. Why does this currency forks so much?!!!. Here, I am writing my second post of the “Top Altcoins for November 2017” Series. If you […]

Top Altcoins for November 2017: #FirstPost

With Bitcoin Fork coming, the money is flowing from other crypto-currencies to Bitcoin. From last few days, I am doing research to find out the top altcoins to watch out for in November because currently they are available at dirt cheap prices and the market would flow into a new direction after the fork. So, […]