Top Altcoin for Jan 2018: #SecondPost

Power Ledger Tokens (POWR) is available on Bittrex (POWR), Binance (POWR), Huobi (POWR), Kucoin (POWR), Cryptopia (POWR), (POWR), Etherdelta (POWR) and TDAX (POWR). What is Power Ledger Platform? Power Ledger is a distributed, interoperable and energy trading platform that supports an extensive & expanding suite of energy applications and exchangeable energy trading token – […]

Top Altcoin for Jan 2018: #FirstPost

Sia Coin Sia Coin is available on Bittrex (SC), Poloniex (SC), HitBtc (SC), Abucoins (SC), Bisq (SC), Bitholic (SC). You can also read Top Altcoin for Long-Term hold in 2018: #FirstPost What is Sia Project? Sia uses blockchain technology to enable distributed network to reach consensus in a secure and trustless way.  It allows individuals […]

Ethos Token – The People-Powered Cryptocurrency Platform Ethos token is listed on Binance (BQX), HitBTC (BQX), CoinExchange(ETHOS), Etherdelta (BQX), Livecoin (ETHOS). What is Ethos Platform? Ethos platform provides a universal wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and an investment platform. As per their whitepaper, Ethos’s Mission is to make the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to […]

Belarus Legalizes Cryptocurrency Transactions, Tax Free for 5 years

The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, signed a Decree on Friday, Dec 22 which legalizes cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and smart contracts. The income generated from crypto transactions and related income, including mining, will be tax-free for next five years until January 1, 2023. President announced on Friday that the decree “On the Development […]

Questions asked by Income Tax Department to HNIs engaged in Crypto Transactions

Recently, Indian Income Tax department conducted a survey at bitcoin exchanges to investigate the tax obligations of the users. (Read the detailed article here). The survey was conducted to identify parties involved, extract information about transactions and funnel down assesses who poses the risk of tax evasion. Further, the IT department issued notices to 4 […]

A lot of market speculation is going on, in search of best crypto exchanges. The market currently is in a turbulent stage where the demand is growing exponentially on weekly basis. The exchanges are either not able to handle the user load or part of some Ponzi scheme. The government authorities across many nations are […]

Top Altcoins till New Year 2018: #SecondPost

If the Bitcoin has been forking much so far, the crypto enthusiast needs to hold their breath as the currency has five more forks lined up into this New Year. Looks like the Bitcoin team is wishing Happy New Year to its believers. Major changes in the underlying protocol lead to split in the current […]

Cryptocurrency Taxation in India

On December 13, Indian Income Tax department surveyed major cryptocurrency exchanges across the country including exchanges in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. The survey was conducted to identify parties involved, extract information about transactions and funnel down assesses who poses the risk of tax evasion. Income Tax department would be issuing a notice […]

Top Altcoin for the New Year 2018: #First Post

Both November and December 2017 has been great months for the global Crypto ecosystem. The total market capitalization grew from $182 billion on November 1 to $585 billion till Dec 18, more than 3x increase. The market is expected to cross $650 billion in short run. December has been the month of altcoins rather than […]

ICO Review: Experty going for a long-run on Blockchain

Experty provides the blockchain based platform to connect the experts with the knowledge seeker. The platform is using Ethereum smart contract coupled with off-chain software. Since the platform is developed by a consulting team, they have focused on the key issues faced by the companies in current environment. Key areas explored in this project include […]